The Cassondra Lenoir Scholarship was created to provide added support for a minority, first-generation college student. This one-time $500 scholarship will be awarded through an essay based contest. TWO winners will be announced – one from Cassondra Lenoir’s alma mater Hazelwood East High School, and the other a nationwide contestant.


Submit an essay of 1-2 typed pages, 500-1,000 words on one of the following topic:

Part 1: Tell us about you! What are your post-high school goals? Please include what college you plan to attend, if you have been accepted, and what you desire to major in. Please note, if you are currently undecided on what you want your major to be, that’s okay! We understand first-handedly how difficult it can be to select a major at 17/18-years-old. If you don’t know your major, please be sure to include your passions, talents, and career interests. All dreams are welcomed!

Part 2: Cassondra Lenoir wrote a book entitled, From Nothing to New York, where she details her 8-year journey from freshmen year of high school to her first summer living in NYC. In her book she discloses that everything she thought was “nothing” is what ultimately prepared her for New York. Cassondra’s “nothings” included all of her shortcomings, and the trials and tribulations she had to overcome to turn her dreams into her reality. Although New York is an actual destination, it is used metaphorically as the place where she saw herself as a success and having “made it”.

Think back, what do you consider your “nothing” and how has it prepared you for your “New York?” (Your New York can be an actual destination, place, occupation, dream, or goal.)


All applications must include: {cover letter, resume, and essay must be attached to ONE email}

  • A cover letter.
    • Cover letter must include: Name, Date, Email, Home & Cell Number, and Mailing Address, and GPA in header
  • A resume.
    • Resume must include: community service, any awards/special recognition, extra-curricular activities with leadership roles, and/or after school jobs
  • A typed
    • Essay must be double-spaced with Times New Roman 12-point font and 500-1,000 words


Applicants must have/be:

  • A first-generation student whose parents and siblings are not college graduates
  • Must be accepted by an appropriate and accredited post-secondary school
  • Proven school-involvement through extracurricular activities or an after school job
  • A full-time freshman in Fall ‘18
  • **Hazelwood East applicants must be students for a minimum of 2 years


All scholarship applications must be emailed by 5pm, Friday, April 20, 2018. No Exceptions.

Please email all applications to: