The Passion is Pursuit Devotional

With this 40-day devotional, Cassondra Lenoir will help you to discover and pursue who you are and what you were created to do. Each devotion includes a life-changing Passion Pillar filled with inspiration, information, and life-lessons that will assist you in this transformational journey of self-discovery and “Becoming More.” These 40 Passion Pillars will speak … More The Passion is Pursuit Devotional

From Nothing to New York

  They say there’s a “preparatory process before every promise” but how much does one person have to endure to reach their “destination?” Sacrifice. Loneliness. Brokenness. Homelessness. Death. Delay. Denial? From her first day of high school to her first summer in NYC, Cassondra Lenoir discovers 13 pillars for successful living. Cassondra doesn’t know who she is, however, what she does … More From Nothing to New York