“My mission is to help people.” – Cassondra Lenoir

Charismatic. Conversational. Compassionate. Cassondra Lenoir has turned her cant’s into cans, her dreams into plans, and her visions into her reality.

With one month’s rent, a ten dollar an hour internship lined up at one of the largest media agencies in the world, and a boat load of faith, Cassondra Lenoir made the big move to New York City on May 29, 2012. Only 16 days out of college, the St. Louis, Mo. native had absolutely no idea where she would be living once June ended, if she would have enough money to save and provide for herself, or what her first summer away from all her family and friends would entail. However, what she did know was that with her internship ending in August and “nothing” to go back to, the desire to have a full time position in New York quickly became her only focus.

Instantaneously her motto, ‘the proof of passion is pursuit,’ became her way of life and with many sacrifices that’s exactly what she’s done – pursued her passions. As a first generation college graduate from a single-parent household, the great Langston Hughes’ words reign true: “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.”

Since moving to NYC, Cassondra has realized that everything she thought was “nothing” prepared her for New York. Her first book entitled, From Nothing to New York expands on her journey of self-discovery and success. The book begins in high school where she acquired the majority of her greatest life lessons and continues through her first summer in New York City.

From a little girl her mother always instilled in her the love of Christ and that anything worth having is worth working for, so not giving New York her all was out of the question. From being full-time to fired, the now entertainment and media company Owner (Couture Swagg), Talk Show Host, Motivational Speaker, and Self-Published Author has victoriously overcome countless obstacles.

During Cassondra’s road to self-discovery she continues to unveil new parts of herself and is a strong advocate of the quote, “It’s not about the destination but the journey.” Through her company’s events, website’s updates, and daily lifestyle, Cassondra continuously encourages everyone to take advantage of and enjoy the journey because EVERY MOMENT COUNTS! One touch from God can change your life – One person. One conversation. One phone call. One divine connection can completely switch your life around and turn your nothing into “New York.”