Cassondra Lenoir’s Keynote Speech for Greyston Bakery’s Employee Appreciation Day

On Friday, October 27, 2017, I had a speaking engagement for my FIRST corporate client, Greyston Bakery!

Greyston Bakery’s mission is to provide all individuals who want to work with the opportunity to do so, without regard to any past indiscretions they may have. The cornerstone of Greyston’s success is their team of bakers that make brownies every day for customers such as Ben & Jerry’s and WholeFoods. Through their Open Hiring Model, Greyston fills jobs without asking any questions, in hopes of demonstrating how businesses, communities, and local governments can work together to everyone’s benefit. They strongly believe their mission can help generations of poverty and unemployment be reversed, inspiring hope in families, neighborhoods and among local businesses. We all know their mission aligned PERFECTLY with my message! This opportunity was indeed an honor! The keynote I delivered to their 150 employees and board members was entitled, “Passion is Pursuit.”


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