DeVon Franklin’s Book Signing

On Tuesday, September 26th, I was honored to meet a man I admire so much! DeVon Franklin is one of the most genuine and supportive people I have ever met. His passion, sincerity, humility, and love for the Lord radiated through Barnes & Noble.

He made every supporter feel special. From taking the time to greet and take pictures with everyone to praying with those in need, DeVon is the epitome of a vessel for Christ! The ultimate inspiration. In his new book, The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success, he teaches 10 life-changing lessons to propel your career and life to new heights, where you will “learn how to be wildly successful without losing your faith.” I have only finished the Introduction and I’m already hooked!

It was an pleasure meeting him and I look forward to the day we have lunch!

Oh, and I was able to bless him with a copy of, From Nothing to New York (pictured below). He’s poured so much wisdom into me. It’s the least I could do!


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